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The Big Studio Movie Licence (BSML) provides Churches, Religious Institutions plus Aged Care & Retirement Village facilities the legal coverage to show films from Hollywood's biggest studios, all covered under one single blanket licence. The BSML has been operating in Australia and New Zealand since 2009 and has been chosen over 7,000 times by local organisations to ensure they are doing the right thing with regards to movie copyright.

Movie copyright is pretty straight forward. If you intend to screen a movie (or parts of a movie) outside of your home, you require approval and a license from the Producer of the film in order to adhere to copyright law. Churches, Religious Institutions, Aged Care and Retirement Village facilities - are all venues that must carry an appropriate movie license in order to screen movies to your community.

The BSML really is the only license you need as we provide blanket coverage for your facility from Hollywood’s largest movie studios. The BSML covers your venue for one year for all of the movie studios we represent. There is no need to report back to us regarding what content is being consumed and there are no limits as to how much content you can consume. Simple hey!

The BSML is brought to you by Heritage Films International Pty Ltd, trading since 2004.

Why The Big Studio Licence Matters

The BSML team are passionate about the power of story and the valuable resource that movies can be for churches, aged care & retirement village facilities. Apart from having peace of mind, consider the BSML your key to a toolbox full of highly engaging films that can be utilised for many purposes within your organisation.
Having a BSML means we will be in regular contact via our email newsletters about new and upcoming releases from the Hollywood studios covered in your license. Our goal is to add value to your community through the power of film. Movies bring stories to life and we can all do with an injection of life.

Show the latest Hollywood films

With the Studios releasing new films all the time, you'll never be short on high quality, entertaining films for your organisation to show.

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