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Complete, hassle-free copyright coverage for movies.

BSML has been providing legal copyright coverage to screen films in Australia and New Zealand from all of Hollywood’s movie studios since 2009.


Films are a popular activity amongst senior living communities

Most communities provide the option to view films in common areas via streaming platforms, digital download, DVD, Blu-ray, Pay and Free TV, or other. Did you know that by law, copyrighted content is intended for private use only, and showing films in common areas requires approval from the owners of the copyright.

All Land Lease / Over 50’s Lifestyle / Retirement Communities / Residential Aged Care and Day Centre Facilities in Australia and New Zealand require approval from the copyright owners to screen film outside of a resident's home or room. If your organisation has any common areas providing Film and TV content you will require the Big Studio Movie Licence.

The Big Studio Movie Licence is a simple and low-cost compliance solution and the only way to ensure blanket coverage from all of the movie studios listed HERE. The Big Studio Movie Licence provides your organisation with copyright blanket coverage to ensure full compliance and peace of mind around gathering people to enjoy movie viewing at your facilities.

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About the Licence

Screening movies in communal areas at your  Land Lease / Over 50’s Lifestyle / Retirement Communities / Residential Aged Care and Day Centre Facilities in Australia or New Zealand requires the appropriate copyright compliance coverage.

The Big Studio Movie Licence gives you peace of mind by providing your facility with a blanket licence to screen film and television content from any of the studios listed here.

Did you know it is illegal to screen a movie in public without this coverage?
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Ride Like A Girl is the incredible true story of Michelle Payne.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a licence?

Film purchased or rented on Blu-Ray and DVD, as well as content streamed via digital delivery, or via Pay or Free Tv, are available to you for 'home use only'. In Australian and New Zealand copyright law, screening film and television content in a non-domestic setting (such as a retirement village, church, school, day care or community club) requires permission from the copyright owner.

A general rule of thumb is if the screening is outside your home, it's considered a public screening and will require the appropriate license. The Big Studio Movie Licence provides you with the legal coverage to screen movies at your facility address.

Find out more about your responsibilities under copyright law

From the Australian Copyright Council on Film and Copyright, Films, DVDs, TV & Streaming Services: Screening in Public: 
This fact sheet gives a brief overview of copyright law as it relates to the public screening of films.
This fact sheet explores the rights granted to filmmakers, issues of ownership and infringement of copyright for films.

For more information on Copyright and Content Protection in Australia and New Zealand

What are the consequences of unauthorised public screening?

Consequences of unauthorised public screening 
If you screen a film in public without permission, you will infringe copyright (unless a special exception applies, or all relevant copyrights have expired). You may also infringe copyright by authorising someone else to screen a film, DVD or video without permission. In addition, a person who permits premises to be used for an unauthorised public screening of a film may be liable. A copyright owner may take legal action for infringement.

A copyright owner whose rights are infringed may seek orders from a court, including orders for financial compensation. A person who infringes copyright for commercial purposes may also be charged with criminal offences.

Reference: Australian Copyright Council: Films, DVDs, TV & Streaming Services: Screening in Public - ACC - INFO031 - Australian Copyright Council, page 5, point 12.

Why is this the first I’m hearing of this?

Good question! It has long been a requirement from film studios that a modest fee be paid for public performances of content they own. In the US, public performance licensing in Senior Living Communities has been a compliance requirement for many years. In Australia, organisations have long been aware of copyright requirements around music licensing. Similarly, the film industry is now requesting that organisations abide by copyright regulation when it comes to the use of the copyright protected content owned by the studios. 

The Big Studio Movie Licence makes it possible for your organisation to easily screen movies at your facility site/s. We’ve provided 10,000+ blanket movie licences since 2009 and are here to assist your organisation with legal access to movies from the Hollywood studios.

Does a single licence cover multiple facilities?

No. The Big Studio Movie Licence is a site license and as such only provides legal coverage for the nominated address entered at the time of purchase. A licence will need to be purchased for each facility.

Purchasing for multiple facilities? Contact us for discounted pricing.

Can we promote the movie we're showing?

The Big Studio Movie Licence is designed to cover the showing of films within your facility, therefore external promotion allowance is limited.

You can promote via internal communication:
Social Media
Word of Mouth
You cannot promote via external communication:
Public Signage
Letterbox Drops

We already own the movie. Do we still need a licence to view or show it in public?

Yes. The location requires a licence regardless of who owns the movie, or how the content is delivered to the site. While you may own the actual movie, you are only granted the right to view it in your home, not to view it in common areas at your facility.

Do we have to report back to you about the movies we screen?

No! Once you have a license, you are covered to screen all of the films that come under the studios without having to report back. Once your renewal comes up after 12 months, you will be required to renew, in order to ensure you are still covered.

Can we sell tickets if we are screening a movie under the Big Studio Movie Licence

Sorry, but you can’t charge people entry for the films we are covering in our licence. Having said that, you are more than welcome to sell food and drinks or be creative with another way of fundraising at an event.

I have an account with a streaming platform - do I still need a licence?

Yes. These days, film content can be accessed at the touch of a button, and in a variety of ways. All content intended for personal, private use requires a license when shown in public, regardless of how that content is sourced. This goes for content sourced via DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming platforms such as Netflix and downloaded content. Regardless of the mode of delivery for content, the terms and conditions of delivery only grant you the right to view in your home, not in public, and a public performance licence is required for screening in non-private common areas.

What about movies on Free to Air?

You may be surprised to learn that even movies available via free to air channels sit within the requirements for licensing permissions, as they are copyright protected. You can read more about this, from the Commonwealth's Australian Law Reform Commission (refer paragraph 210). No television broadcaster, or streaming content provider holds the screening rights for movies as we act solely for the studios to provide blanket licensing permissions for eligible providers.

Who is responsible for compliance?

Where there has been unauthorised public performance of a film, the following people can be liable: person/s who screen the film, person/s who authorise the performance but do not have the right to do so, person/s who provide premises for an unauthorised screening, and person/s who provide equipment for the performance.

How do I know what films are covered under the Big Studio Movie Licence?

To find out if a film is covered under The Big Studio Movie Licence, checkout the help article: How to check if a film is covered.
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Roadshow Public Performance Licensing

Roadshow are the ‘peak body’ within the film industry and manage copyright on behalf of all of the movie studios. The Big Studio Movie Licence partner with Roadshow to look after copyright licensing on behalf of the Hollywood studios for the Church/Religious sector, Aged Care, Retirement Living, Over 50s, Landlease and Day Care Centres.

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