Understanding your obligations in relation to screening movie content

What constitutes a screening in public?

For the purposes of copyright in Australia and New Zealand, a screening of a film outside your home environment is generally regarded as 'in public'. The screening does not need to be on one large screening for it to be regarded as 'in public'. For example, a public screening includes where an aged care or retirement village village facility gathers residents in one common space for the viewing of a film.

You must have the Public Performance Rights to screen a film in a public venue like an aged care or retirement village facility. The Big Studio Movie Licence provides such coverage with our blanket movie licence. For further clarification about your legal requirements around movie copyright and licensing, visit

Where can I learn more about screening films in public?

Download the Australian Copyright Council Public Screening paper to learn more about screening films, DVDs, videos & TV in public.

Download PDF

The Big Studio Movie Licence is an affiliate member of the Australian Copyright Council.

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