Understanding your obligations in relation to screening movie content.
Did you know it is illegal to screen a movie in public without this coverage?

Who is responsible for compliance?

Where there has been unauthorised use of a film, the following people can be liable: person/s who screen the film, person/s who authorise the use but do not have the right to do so, person/s who provide premises for an unauthorised screening, and person/s who provide equipment for the use.

Why is this important?

  • If you screen a film or DVD in a non-domestic setting, you need permission

  • The fact that you own a copy of a film, DVD or video, or have a subscription to an online streaming service, does not give you the right to screen that material in public

  • There is no general exemption allowing non-profit organisations to screen films, DVDs or videos in public without permission (even if no charge is made for admission)

  • The Australian Copyright Council FACT SHEET G031v25 October 2022

What constitutes a screening in public?

You must have copyright approval to screen a film in any common area at a facility like Land Lease / Over 50's Lifestyle / Retirement Communities / Residential Aged Care and Day Centre Facilities. Approval is required for any areas where people gather in common spaces at your facility and view content, regardless if there are others from the public in attendance or not.The Big Studio Movie Licence provides full coverage for movies in communal areas. For further information about your legal requirements around movie copyright and licensing, visit the Australian Copyright Council and DOWNLOAD the Australian Copyright Council Public Screening paper to learn more about screening films, DVDs, videos & TV in public.

Where can I learn more about screening films in public?

DOWNLOAD the Australian Copyright Council  fact sheet which explores the rights granted to filmmakers, issues of ownership and the risks of copyright infringement for films. 

Download PDF

The Big Studio Movie Licence is an affiliate member of the Australian Copyright Council and Property Council of Australia.

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