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Complete, hassle-free legal copyright coverage for your church.

The Big Studio Movie Licence provides Churches and Religious Institutions the legal coverage required to show films from Hollywood's biggest Studios in worship services, youth groups, children's ministry + many more.

Exclusive Coverage

About the Licence

Screening movies in a Church or Religious Institution in Australia or New Zealand requires the appropriate copyright and compliance coverage.

The Big Studio Movie Licence gives you peace of mind by providing your organisation with a blanket licence to screen films from any of the studios listed here.

Did you know it is illegal to screen a movie in public without this coverage?
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Simple Pricing

Based on the total number of people attending your services over an average week. Set and forget with no requirement to report back to us ever.

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One Licence, Full Coverage

The BSML provides your facility with copyright coverage from Hollywood's largest movie studios.
We cover 90% of the top G rated movies ever Produced plus 75% of the top 12 Christian Movies

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Legal Compliance

If you manage a Church or Religious organisation based in Australia or New Zealand, and there are movies or clips from films  being consumed at your venue, you need a BSML to ensure strict copyright law is adhered to.

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No Limits

Once your facility is covered by the Big Studio Movie Licence, there's no limit to how often you can show films covered by the Studios we represent at your venue. And there is also no need to report back to us with any further details around screening activity.

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer (Emmy winner Matthew Rhys) is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about kindness, love and forgiveness from America’s most beloved neighbor.

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Why do I need a licence?

Films purchased or rented on Blu-Ray, DVD or Digital are available to you for 'home use only'. In Australian and New Zealand copyright law, screening a film or movie clips in a non-domestic public setting (including Churches and Religious institutions) requires permission from the copyright owner.

A general rule of thumb is if the screening is outside your home, it's considered a public screening and will require the appropriate license. The Big Studio Movie Licence provides you with the legal coverage to screen movies at your facility address.

Find out about your responsibilities around movie copyright by reading THIS Australian Copyright Council article.

How do I know what films are covered under the Big Studio Movie Licence

To find out if a film is covered under The Big Studio Movie Licence, checkout the help article: How to check if a film is covered.The Big Studio Movie License covers all of the largest Hollywood movie studios.

Does a single licence cover multiple facilities?

No. The Big Studio Movie Licence is a site license and as such only provides legal coverage for the nominated address entered at the time of purchase. A licence will need to be purchased for each facility.

Purchasing for multiple facilities? Contact us for discounted pricing.

Can we promote the movie we're showing?

The Big Studio Movie Licence is designed to cover the showing of films within your facility, therefore external promotion allowance is limited.

You can promote via internal communication:
Social Media
Word of Mouth
You cannot promote via external communication:
Public Signage
Letterbox Drops

We already own the movie. Do we still need a licence to view or show it in public?

Yes. The location requires a licence regardless of who owns the movie. While you may own the actual movie, you are only granted the right to view it in your home, not to view it in public.

Doesn't the CVLI already cover us?

It is important to know that there is no single licence that will cover your church for every possible movie. Many of the biggest Hollywood studios and distributors are exclusively covered by the BSML and by ensuring you have this licence for your church, you are legally covered to screen movies from each of them.

Do we have to report back to you about the movies we screen?

No! Once you have a license, you are covered to screen all of the films that come under the studios without having to report back. Once your renewal comes up after 12 months, you will be required to renew, in order to ensure you are still covered.

Can we sell tickets if we are screening a movie under the Big Studio Movie Licence

Sorry, but you can’t charge people entry for the films we are covering in our licence. Having said that, you are more than welcome to sell food and drinks or be creative with another way of fundraising at an event. Heritage Films has a separate fund-raising Local Movie Event program that does allow for fund raising events. Contact us for more information.

Where can I find out more about content protection and piracy?

About BSML

Who is The Big Studio Movie Licence?

The Big Studio Movie Licence operates under the parent company Heritage Films International Pty Ltd, ACN 600 395 515.

10+ Years

The Big Studio Movie Licence has been operational in Australia and New Zealand since 2009 as a national blanked licence for Church and Religious Organisations.

7000+ Licensed

In that time, over 7000 organisations have taken advantage of the Big Studio Movie Licence in Australia and New Zealand.

Trusted by Churches

The Big Studio Movie License removes the mystery around how to legally screen movies and clips from Hollywood’s biggest

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